Handmade in Estonia

Designed with comfort and the dog's body structure in mind

Our goal is to make harnesses for dogs that don't restrict their natural movement and provide support. The design of the Kullakuu harness is based on expert recommendations on the points where a harness should rest on a dog’s body. Our harnesses are adjustable – you can change both the neck and chest circumference, as well as the length of the part that connects the neck and chest parts. This ensures that the harness fits dogs with various body types and young dogs whose bodies are still developing.
Comfortable safety equipment

Is the harness a good fit for my dog?

An anatomically correct and well-adjusted harness fits nearly all dogs. A dog’s neck is fragile and even slight pulling puts pressure on the neck which may lead to permanent damages to the dog’s health when applied constantly/suddenly. The belief that a harness makes a dog pull on the leash is not true. There is no evidence of that. If your dog pulls, you need to understand the reason and find a solution to that. All dogs can be taught to walk nicely on a leash and a harness is a great safety tool that makes sure your dog doesn’t hurt herself.
Strong materials selected specifically for dogs

What material is the harness made of?

The Kullakuu soft harness is made of Softshell material and a special strong strap. Softshell is soft and convenient and although it is not 100% waterproof, it is a water-resistant, breathable, and strong material that dries quickly. A harness made of this material is suitable for dogs with both short and long coats and do not affect the appearance of the coat on everyday use. 
This harness is made on an industrial sewing machine using strong thread, durable materials, and attachments intended for dog accessories.


To preserve the good look of your harness, we recommend washing it by hand or in a washing machine using a laundry bag at a temperature up to 30 degrees.