Multifunctional Biothane leash


This will be the most multifunctional accessory for your dog.

Walk two dogs at the same time, adjust the length of the leash as desired or wear it around the body to keep your hands free. It doesn't matter if you're walking in the city or in the forest, our multifunctional BioThane leash is a comfortable companion everywhere.

361 possible color combinations and 4 different full lengths - design your dream leash!

Multifunctional leash - What does it mean?

This is an adjustable leash with many different uses, which you can see by scrolling down for more detailed descriptions and pictures.

The picture here shows one of the most common uses - a regular length leash.

"Hands Free"

You can put this leash around your body to keep your hands free. For this purpose, there is a ring on the strap with a changeable position.

Adjustable length

In the forest and in the park you can let the dog walk on a long leash and give him a lot of freedom, but on the city streets you need a slightly shorter leash. Much of the charm of this strap lies in the ability to adjust it as needed - even to half the length.

Walking with two dogs

Some people are lucky and live with more than one dog. Our multifunctional leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time. There is a carabiner at both ends of the leash, which allows it to be attached to two dogs' if necessary.

A handle to keep the dog close

In some situations, it is necessary to react quickly and keep the dog close to you. For this purpose, we have added a handle to the strap, which also has an additional ring on it.

Material and size selection

Biothane material is water repellent, does not absorb odors, and cleaning it is easier than you can imagine. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and the strap is clean.

Please choose the size according to your dog's weight. This is important because then we know what size carabiners to use. It is also important to know that for small and medium dogs we make a leash from 9mm wide material and for large and very large dogs from 19mm wide material. Still so that the leash is as comfortable as possible for your dog and also resistant to tensile strength.


Preview of the leash

The metal detail color is not reflected in the preview above. The exact color tones might slightly differ between the preview and the finished product.