CHESSY bowl stand


Make the mealtimes even more enjoyable for your fluffy friend. Eating from the CHESSY bowl stand will apply less pressure on your dog’s neck and joints. The bowl stand will also help to keep your home nice and tidy, as the bowls stay in one place and your dog cannot move them around.

The CHESSY bowl stand is hand-made of Estonian ash or oak wood and delivery includes two 600 ml bowls that are dishwasher safe. The bowl stand has been treated with oil to make it water-resistant.

The bowl stand should be at your dog’s chest level when he eats. In this position, the dog does not have to move his neck up and down, avoiding excessive pressure on the neck and joints. The stand can be lower, but definitely not higher. We recommend that you measure your dog to get the best results.

The CHESSY bowl stand is best for a medium-sized dog. If you have a large (over 30 kg) or very large dog, we suggest that you consult with your vet before purchasing the product to ensure that this is the best option.

If you like this design but would need a different size, feel free to contact us at



43 cm

Height without bowls

18 cm

Height with bowls 24 cm


25 cm

Delivery time is 2–3 weeks.