Before you rush to the store to buy a harness/braces for your dog, please read the text below. Unfortunately, not all harnesses/braces sold in stores are good for dogs, so it is important that you make an informed choice.

Pay attention to the following:
* if the dog is wearing a brace, with the correct braces the straps form a Y in the front view
* make sure that the leash does not fall under the dog's armpit, but that he can move his paws freely

It is important to choose braces that do not restrict the free and natural movement of the shoulder girdle. Braces, which have a strap perpendicular to the legs in front, limit the natural movement of the dog, so this option is not recommended for dogs. We recommend Y-shaped braces, because with them all the stress falls on the bone, not on the muscles and joints, and the shoulder girdle is free.

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