How much does your dog sleep?
If there are periods in our life when our sleep quality is poor and we get little sleep, we feel quite tired. We get irritated more easily at random things and can't concentrate. It is exactly the same with dogs. As a behavior consultant, I see it very, very often that dogs get too little sleep and it lasts for such a long time, which is why their behavior and health are strongly affected.
Did you know that dogs need MUCH more sleep than humans? Adult dogs need ~14 hours of sleep, but puppies even up to 20 hours of sleep a day. Can your dog sleep that much? If you are not sure, observe your dog's sleeping schedule for a week and write it down. It does not have to be accurate to the minute, but it is very important to understand whether your dog sleeps 10 hours a day or 16 hours, because this is a very important and decisive difference.
Dogs are polyphasic sleepers. This means that they choose a place, sleep there for a while, but then get up and change their position or sleeping position. This is completely normal and natural behavior.
Dogs are also very social sleepers. Have you noticed how in the meantime your dog follows your heels and sleeps near you even when you are working, if only so that he could sleep in a slightly calmer place. It is very common for them to choose a place to sleep where they are near someone. However, sometimes they also like peace and quiet, especially when they are really tired and need time to rest. It is important that if you have several dogs in your home, they can sleep undisturbed away from each other.
In general, your dog needs choices - where to sleep, with whom to sleep, etc. Is it possible for your dog to sleep in different places, at different heights, in different positions? It is also very important to ensure that the dog has enough space to stretch out and change positions in the sleeping areas.

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