Softshell harness measurements

Our Softshell harnesses are adjustable in three places, and you can find all the necessary measurements in the table below.

We recommend choosing the size that best fits your dog's measurements. If your dog's measurements are different from the measurements in the table, write to us at and we can slightly adjust the harness' measurements as a special order.

  S M L XL
Width of the ribbon 1,5cm 2cm 2,5cm 3cm
Neck circumference 23-36cm 34-56cm 40-66cm 59-78cm
Chest circumference 28-45cm 44-64cm 63-90cm 76-100cm
Abdominal band 13-18cm 17-24cm 22-31cm 25-37cm


How to measure a dog for a harness:

It only takes a few minutes. Take some treats for the dog and a tape measure to measure, that's all you need.

Three dimensions need to be checked:

A) circumference of the lower, widest part of the neck

B) from the upper part of the sternum to the widest part of the ribcage/abdomen (so-called abdominal band)

C) chest circumference at the widest point

Please see the attached picture to see where to measure exactly. Do not add extra space to the measurements - we ensure that the harness is comfortable for your dog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by writing