Behavior consultation

We offer professional behavior consultations where we observe your dog, try to understand the roots of the problem, and start from there. Every dog is different and even if many have the same problems, the causes may differ greatly in each situation, meaning that a personal approach is needed for each dog.


Kullakuu mainly works in Tallinn and Harju County, but we do travel across Estonia from time to time and have met with many lovely customers from Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, and Paide, for example. Each consultation is personal and we agree on the time of the meeting based on needs and what the problem is. Sometimes it is good to meet in the dog’s home or another place he feels comfortable in, but sometimes it’s better to drive to a peaceful location or the woods – in any case, we can organize the meeting in an environment that is suitable for you and your dog.

Video consultation

Sometimes a video consultation may help. This has allowed us to help several customers who live farther away or whose situation is better discussed via video, owing to the nature of their problem.

The consultation itself

We discuss the background, behavior, and challenges of your dog during the consultation. The goal is to get a detailed overview and agree on the following steps the owner can follow on their own. We often ask that you visit a vet before or after the consultation, as many behavioral issues are actually caused by pain or discomfort and we need to be sure that the dog doesn’t have any health concerns. The owner will also receive a written summary with the agreed-on activities and instructions after the consultation. We will also provide any help we can after the meeting and are only an email of phone call away.

Customers’ feedback

Oled meile väga-väga palju abiks olnud ning pärast konsultatsiooni oli koostöö tihe ja personaalne. Ei oleks osanud arvata, et ka pärast konsultatsiooni jääd nii palju meile abiks ☺️

"I wish that all dog owners would understand dog psychology the way Kullakuu does. You do not have to have an issue or a problem to find out about Kullakuu’s approach and recommendations. You can 100% use them to broaden your horizons and become an even better dog owner "

"The consultation gave us several thoughts and ideas on how to help and support our dog. In addition to our specific problem we could also ask about other topics that interested us and all our questions were answered. Hedvi’s positive approach and friendliness made the atmosphere very relaxed and safe."


"Our family highly recommends the consultations, products, and puppy school of Kullakuu! We could say that we have found a great and professional consultant/helper that we can always turn to with any concerns and questions. The behavior consultations are based on your dog’s needs and positive methods that consider all parties involved. Our journey is far from over, but I already have so many good things to say. Our four-legged family member and us are very grateful to Kullakuu! "


"Not everyone has to be specialists in dog behavior, but all dog owners should have one person who they can turn to and who can actually help them. Hedvi can!"

Price list

Duration of the consultation

The duration of the consultation is 90–120 minutes, depending on the dog, problem, and situation. We will send you a summary, more detailed plan for the future, and written materials after the consultation.

Price of the consultation:

Consultation in Tallinn: EUR 75

A small fee will be agreed on for the drive for home visits outside Tallinn.

Video consultation: EUR 50