Dogs in the office? Nothing new, this is an increasingly common sight in recent years. Employees increasingly value flexible working conditions and opportunities to spend more time with family. If in the past people talked about family and meant their children, nowadays it goes without saying that a furry favorite also belongs to the family.

Many different studies have been conducted over the years, all of which show that bringing dogs to work brings with it many positive phenomena. It reduces stress, makes people happier, which in turn increases their productivity. Being able to take your dog to work has become increasingly important, and this is forcing employers to keep up with the times to stay competitive.

But what to do if you have a large company, many employees and an open office? It's probably not bad if one employee takes the dog, but if there are 10 of them? You come to work one morning and there are 10 different sized dogs running around the office. They may not get along well with each other. They may have been grown differently. One is loud, the other runs around the office chasing a ball all day, etc.

What if one of the co-workers does not want dogs in the office or is allergic? There are many aspects to consider before saying yes to dogs in the office. If you want to prevent as many problems as possible, you need to think 10 steps ahead. Does your office building allow dogs? Are there any places near the house where you can take your dog for a break? Are all employees who would be in the same room with the dog agree to this? Is the office safe for dogs? Preliminary work can take a lot of time. It is necessary to do everything so that the presence of dogs in the office is a positive experience for both the dog owner, the dog and all co-workers.

If you feel like you don't know where to start and what to keep in mind, you probably need someone's help. This is where a dog behavior consultant comes to the rescue, who will help you think through every last aspect both before allowing the dogs and in organizing their future life. We will be happy to help you. Write to us and hopefully your office will soon have furry friends cheering you up.

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