Happy Golden Moon friend!

We know many of you have been waiting for this. And now it's finally here! Yes, we are looking for brand ambassadors again!

First of all, I would like to thank our incredibly nice group of brand ambassadors - Betti and Fjodor, Brigitta and Ulf, Evelina and Gucci and Laura Liis and Pässu! They were the first brand ambassadors of Kullakuu, and our time together has been very productive, inspiring and awesome! In 2022, unfortunately, Betti will no longer be in our ranks, but we are very, very grateful to Betti and I believe that a large part of our followers are still grateful to her for the great photography tips she shared with us during the Golden Moon Photo Month. 

But now it's time to expand our small group of brand ambassadors a little. The previous competition was very popular - we received over 100 applications in a short time and it was extremely difficult to make a choice. We sincerely expect all those who were not selected last time to still try again.

What do we offer brand ambassadors?

* Golden month products;

* a nice and supportive group with whom to discuss different ideas;

* the opportunity to earn money by sharing a discount code with your own name;

* expansion of the following through various games, theme months and sharing;

* the opportunity to try your hand at different fields, e.g. product photography, social media marketing or product development, if you are interested.

What do we expect from brand ambassadors?

* love for the Kullakuu brand, products and activities;

* the desire to participate in Kullakuu's activities and share feedback and ideas;

* pictures and videos of Kullakuu products;

* Sharing of Kullakuu posts to help raise awareness of dog people in Estonia;

* active communication with your followers.

How to apply?

You can find the application form here: https://forms.gle/1r7JBmnZAnp4W8Vy6

The most important part of applying is posting or emailing a picture or video. We ask that you take a picture or video of your dog with a Kullakuu product. We really want to see your creativity, so we don't set limits on what the image or video should be and we are already looking forward to what the final result will be. You can add it to your social media account or send it to us at hello@kullakuu.ee after filling out the application form. 

The deadline for applying and posting or sending a picture/video is 30.06.2022. After that, we and our team of brand ambassadors will start reviewing all submitted works and applications and will let you know how we proceed as soon as possible. 

If you haven't purchased any of the Kullakuu products yet, but you believe in our brand and really want to become a brand ambassador, we'll give you a discount code that you can use to buy any of our products cheaper, test it, and then submit your application. Use the code BRAND AMBASSADOR when purchasing, which gives a 20% discount on the entire order.

We are already looking forward to all your applications!

Golden Moon Team

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