Eh, what's the question again? In fact, a very important question, because a large number of people approach dogs in the wrong way and, unfortunately, do not know how to read the body language of dogs. It's so characteristic of us that when we see a cute dog, we want to reach out, pet its head and start hugging it. No matter how much we want to do this, it puts the dog in a very, very uncomfortable situation and, in the worst case, exacerbates his fear and causes behavioral problems.

But how to behave correctly? 

If a dog walks towards you on the street, do not walk directly towards it, but with a slight bow

Make even a small, barely noticeable arch when you walk. With this gesture, you signal to the dog that you respect him and understand his body language. Never look the dog directly in the eye and rather avoid eye contact.

Wait for the dog to come to you on its own

Oh how hard, right? That's how I would like to go and caress myself! Hold back and trust me, it's much more beneficial in the end, because dogs prefer those who give them enough space and time, and it creates a much stronger foundation for your potential friendship. Be calm, let the dog calmly sniff you and find out who you are.

Do not stroke the dog's head, but rather the chest or side

This is something we are used to doing from the ground up - after all, the dog is still petted! However, only if the dog feels comfortable. However, the more you can observe a dog's body language, the more often you will probably notice that he actually does not enjoy being petted on the head as much as you might have thought until now. Try to look at this situation through a dog's eyes. A large hand approaching overhead. The dog cannot see where this hand is moving and what it is doing. A dog's first instinctual thought is that you might want to grab him by the neck, which in his language means you want to attack him. The consequences can be sad. A warm recommendation - don't pet the dog's head! Caress her chest or side, because then she will see where your hand is. ALWAYS watch your dog's body language when petting them - not all dogs like to be touched. 

Do not lean over the dog

If you want to pet a dog, don't lean over it. This is scary for him and you can see it in his body language - many dogs immediately move away or make themselves lower than grass.

Don't look the dog in the eye

If you are working with a dog, do not look him in the eye, it is not comfortable for him and is more ominous than friendly behavior in his language. Look away slightly, be calm, do not make too fast movements or speak too loudly.

If the dog leaves you, let him

The dog must always have the choice to leave if he wants to. If the dog gets away from you, don't run after him, just let him go. If he wants, he will come back.

These recommendations must be followed by everyone, both children and adults. It is good to see that there are more and more children who have been taught how to approach and behave with a dog, but this knowledge definitely needs to be shared more and more and more. This is how we prevent many unfortunate situations. 

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